Keys to Building Efficiencies

Essential Focus:

A definite focus is required to keep the sales component of the resort from becoming just another department within the company. As the largest potential profit center and long term residual revenue potential, the sales component must have priority above the other areas. It is imperative that all departments understand their role in the sales and marketing effort.

Know your members and non-members touch points

Part of the essential strategy of the message is to understand how you touch each member and non-member as they relate to the resort and ensure that a consistent and efficient message is conveyed. Most resorts inefficiently interact with their members and miss opportunities to minimize duplicated efforts and maximize referrals and upgrades.

Determine “Best” Guest to increase efficiency for In-House Programs.

Having a loss of focus is easy to do when looking at inventory management, rental programs and owner utilization. Just filling up the reservation queue can quickly become the overlying principle of management. The true key to success is looking beyond the number of reserved or even occupied units. The right guest in the right unit is the correct mantra for the truly successful integrated operation.

Key Factors
    The message to the consumer should be consistent.
    Cross-marketing between departments should be developed.
    Internet marketing and websites require consistent development to be effective in reaching goals.